Forbes Meat Hickory Smoked Products.
 If you are looking for a smoked beef, pork, or sausage product,
you came to the right place. Forbes Meat offers many smoked
meats to choose from. Our old fashion smoke house flavor is
something special. We use genuine hickory wood for smoking our
meats to obtain a taste you will crave.
Our smoking methods may be old and very time consuming, but
the quality and taste of the smoked products we sell at Forbes is
our main concern!  We have a specially  built smokehouse and
controls assuring our methods cannot be duplicated in any way. I
guarantee you will taste the Forbes Meat difference!

Smoked brats, chili cheese dogs, dinner franks, and polish
sausage are stuffed into a special collagen casing that virtually
disappears when cooked. This method assures you of a quality
product uniform in size and very tender to eat.
Cottage Bacon
Canadian Bacon
Smoked Chops
Dried Beef
Summer Sausage
Ring Bologna
German Bologna
Smoked Bratwurst
Chili Cheese Dogs
Jalapeno & Cheese Brats
Sauerkraut & Onion Brats
Dinner Franks
Polish Sausage
Forbes Meat smoked bacon - Our bacon is dry rubbed with a special blend of salts and sugars, then smoked just right to bring you an unbeatable flavor. You won't find one like this in a grocery store!! 20oz package*
Forbes Meat cottage bacon - Cured - smoked boneless pork shoulder sliced into a perfect cottage bacon. Very good flavor and texture. 24oz package*
Forbes Meat smoked chops - Cured and smoked bone-in pork loins cut into 1 1/4 thick chops. A delicious alternative to an already great Iowa chop. 2-15oz chops/package*
Forbes canadian bacon - Cured-smoked pork loins sliced into 1/8 inch thick Canadian style bacon. 14oz package*
Forbes Meat summer sausage - Our fine ground smoked summer sausage is a great treat. Old fashion smoking combined with award winning seasoning create a snack/sandwich meat that's second to none. 24 oz. package*
Forbes Meat smoked brats - This is the smoked cooked version of our famous fresh bratwurst. 4-4oz links/package*
Forbes Meat ring bologna - Our ring bologna is local favorite. We mix our own seasoning and smoke them for a very special taste everybody enjoys. 1 20oz package*
Forbes chili cheese dogs - Perfect solution for you chilidog lovers. This is our dinner frank loaded with chili, onions, and cheese for all the taste without the mess. Everybody loves em! 4-4oz links/package*
Forbes Meat german bologna - German brand bologna is a great item for sandwiches or snacking. Perfect for a meat & cheese tray. Ready to eat 24oz package*
Forbes jalapeno & cheese brats - Our famous brats cured and smoked with the addition of chopped jalapenos and pepper jack cheese. A bold flavor you will enjoy. Medium heat. 4-4oz links/package*
Forbes Meat dried beef - Cured - twice smoked beef inside rounds sliced thin. Great for sandwiches or making appetizers. 12oz package*
Forbes Meat polish sausage - Smoked cooked Polish sausage. Old world flavor made with our award winning spices. This is some of the best around! 4-4oz links/package*
Forbes Meat dinner franks - Smoked dinner franks are a hot dog lover's dream come true - finally a BIG great tasting hot dog made with 100% premium pork trim. These natural casing wieners are tough to beat. 4-4oz links/package*
Forbes sauerkraut & onion brats - Our famous brats cured and smoked with the addition of chopped onions and sauerkraut. 4-4oz links/package*
*Because all products are hand cut, sizes may vary slightly*
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